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Cosmopolitan Toronto and its environs -together known as the Great Golden Horse Shoe (GGH)- are not only the economic hub and the largest urbanized area of Canada but also offer one of the most buoyant property markets in the world. A region about the size of New Hampshire in area that is already home to a quarter of Canada’s population and is the third-largest urban region in North America, this is one of the biggest and the fastest growing urban agglomerations in North America and is anticipated to grow by 3.7 million by 2031. Economic activity in the GGH generates approximately two-thirds of Ontario’s and one-fifth of Canada’s GDP. Toronto is a terrific labour market and owing to some recent regulatory measures we are now witnessing Vancouver’s demand for real estate shifting to Toronto.

The demand in Toronto market is at an all-time high as excess demand with limited supply continues to put pressure on prices. Its ratio of sales to active listings at 70% is one of the highest in the developed world. 

Driven by research for investment properties, our current focus is on those parts of Greater Toronto, where the sub market has outperformed the Toronto and Canadian markets.

Virtuoso provides one window solution for client's property needs and develop long term trusted relationships with investors who benefit from: 

-- Diversifying investment portfolio by including carefully selected properties in one of the most lucrative real estate markets in the world.

-- Gaining pre-launch access to prestigious developments in Horse Shoe Area Toronto.

-- Private search service in Horse Shoe Area Toronto.

-- Fully understanding the proposed elements of the returns - yield and capital appreciation.

-- Dedicated executive who executes and manages the portfolio.

-- Where requested, regular reviews and bench marking of properties within their portfolio.