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Bordeaux is one of the historic and cultural jewels in France and the world’s most prestigious wine region.

The Châteaux and the vineyards encapsulate the soul of Bordeaux. Estates within Bordeaux have a historical provenance and a number of them can boast lineage ranging from 15th century. With the generations of knowledge of the terroir, wine making in the blood and incorporating modern technologies in their wine making, Châteaux have taken strategic vision ranging from top exclusive quality with strict control on quantity to bio dynamic organic wine production.

Bordeaux has been an attractive investment destination for investors across the globe for a variety of reasons. Historically acquiring a vineyard was the next step for wine lovers in their personal journey of appreciation of wine. Learning the terroir, and science and art of wine making and experimenting to come up with a personalised signature. Increasingly the investors are marrying their passion of wine with grounded business objectives ranging from vertically integrating their retail beverages and wine business through acquisition of Châteux and vineyards; to adding a strategic business line within their conglomerates. There have also been opportunities for standalone going concern business acquisition with turnaround potential within the wine sector. Some investors have achieved synergy by merging wine making with leisure business for instance through development of estate to incorporate boutique hotel, spa golf courses and other high end amenities, while retaining the historical Châteuax, vineyards and wine making at the estate.

Bordeaux is recognised world-wide for quality and its wines are followed for both consumption and investment across the globe. Investments in vineyards is the next step in widening the region’s access to the world’s fast growing markets in Asia and emerging markets. Over the last two and half years 45 medium to small vineyards have been acquired by investors from Asia, primarily from China.

Virtuoso has a wide variety of Bordeaux Châteaux, vineyards and estates on its books. We work very closely with our clients in identifying the right investment target in line with their business and personal objectives, and, where needed, executing the investment on their behalf. With our extensive knowledge and professional network on the ground in Bordeaux we are usually the first port of call for both sellers and buyers of quality estates.

As a lifestyle destination of choice which is steeped in history and arable in feel, Bordeaux strikes a good balance with urbanisation by owning the status of the largest urban ensemble ever to be listed as UNESCO World Heritage -1810 hectares. Bordeaux city is the second most attractive city to work and live in France after Paris, with 720000 inhabitants – a third of whom are under the age of 25. With the regional GDP of more than € 86 billion, it is the 4th biggest finance centre in France, has an industrial base and research tradition with 4 universities, 14 colleges and 5000 active researchers. It boasts the 6th busiest airport within France with 4 million passengers and direct flights to and from European capitals and the second most popular French city in international congress hosting. All these factors reinforce the well established and growing commerce to and from Bordeaux and increase its attractiveness to the international business community.
Map of Bordeaux