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With GDP of USD270 billion and population of circa 11 million, Portugal is one of the Southern European with strong international links though  its  strategic Atlantic  coast  location,  imperial  history  and  trade relationships. It  has  a  diversified  agricultural,  manufacturing,  financial services  and  tourism  sectors  contributing  towards economic growth. During  the  financial  crises  (2008)  the  Portugal government  went  through  a  bail  out  process  and initiated    the  long  term  structural  reform  program.  Over the  last  18  months  Portuguese  economy  has  stabilised and  the  country has successfully re-established  access to financial capital markets.

As  a  lifestyle  destination,  Portugal  offers  all  year  round good  weather,  gastronomic  delights,  historic  as  well  as modern  architecture,  internationally  minded  local communities,  world  class  golf  courses  and  sports facilities. It  has  excellent  education,  health  and  logistics infrastructure  and  business  friendly  environment, making  it  easy  to  establish  and  run  both  local  and global businesses. The  property  market  after  softening  over  the  last  five years  has  stablised.  There  are  already  signs  of  an upward trending price curve in few regions.

To  accelerate  growth  and  Foreign  Direct  Investment  , Portuguese  government  launched  “Golden  Visa” immigration scheme. The Golden Visa provides a path to EU residency (5 years) and citizenship (6 years) through a minimum investment amount is € 500,000, which can be invested in residential or commercial property.

Virtuoso  has  both  luxury as well as quality  traditional  and  modern properties  in  all  the  major  regions  of  the  country. We provide an integrated solution from finding a property, executing purchase, (where needed) assisting in filing for residency, managing the property (letting it if needed), helping to renew the residency within 5 years, assisting to prepare for citizenship, helping to apply for citizenship and selling/reinvesting in the property. Please get in touch for details of properties and Golden Visa program.