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Residential Property Acquisition and Management

Client Focus 

The central pillar of VPG’s business is our valued clients. Our philosophy is to build and manage bespoke property portfolios incorporating the needs, risk profile and preferences of each client.

Most of our new clients are referred to us by our existing clients, who have benefitted from and enjoyed our highly personalised service.

Each of our clients has a dedicated executive. The personalised approach begins with understanding the risk profile of a client and their existing exposure across the asset classes. We then assess and discuss whether property investment is the right option for the client. When the client wishes to proceed with the investment, we share selected properties based on market research. We manage the process for them in a seamless fashion, so as to conserve their time, cost and effort. 

Market Research

Given our experience across the asset classes, we are uniquely placed to share our research with our clients which is broader than just the returns in the property market. 

We provide insights into global macro trends, relative performance of asset classes, property as an asset class, focused local reviews, yields across various capitals and view on return based on yield and/or capital appreciation.

We approach the proposition from both top down as well as bottom up. When an individual property is discussed, appropriate research including price per square foot, rental yield, other costs related to transaction such as stamp duty and council tax, running cost and other not so obvious elements are clearly spelt out and compared with benchmarks. This allows clients to make an informed decision.

Due Diligence

Like any other financial investment, investing in a property in a market requires commercial, legal and financial due diligence. Given the relatively longer hold period for property as an asset class broader structural aspects may need to be considered.

Where required and instructed by the clients we share access to or seek expert opinions on behalf of our clients from established surveyors, solicitors and law firms to ensure that critical aspects are adequately addressed and costs are appropriately capped.

For new developments, we work with best in class developers with a strong track record and performance.

Structuring and Financing 

We work closely with our clients to understand the motivation behind the investment and present appropriate structuring solutions.

Clients on occasion consider financing their investment partly through external sources such as mortgages. Through our partners we are able to seek the best financing option and terms for our clients. Our mortgage experts explain the requirements for off shore investors and work closely with institutions which specialise in such financing so that the deadlines for completion of purchase are met. We sometime work with clients to put in place an in-principle offer, so that once the right property is identified the client is able to move swiftly.


Once our clients are in a position to proceed with the investment, we provide one window solution to complete the investment process. 

Client Services Model

Our experienced conveyancing partners and on-hand support ensure that appropriate searches are conducted, structural or use of common areas clearly established, council tax and planning permissions are disclosed and safeguards are built in to protect our clients.

We provide a comprehensive post-completion report and documentation pack.

Letting and Management

We provide a one stop solution for letting and managing our clients’ investment properties. This includes:

  • Assessing the market with appropriate benchmarks
  • Marketing the property at right rent and time period
  • Preparing the property for tenants, furnishing the property where required, inventory taking, arranging energy efficiency certificates and professional cleaning
  • Checking references of tenants and ensuring the property is let to the best quality tenants
  • Where instructed by clients, inspections of the property on a regular basis
  • Arranging for the maintenance of the property

Each client has a master account managed by a dedicated executive. This ensures that full information for multiple properties is consolidated and presented. Rent collection and expenses are clearly tracked and reported on a monthly basis to ensure up to date and accurate reporting. 

We also provide support in identifying and where required arranging services such as landlord insurance, tax advice and accounting.

Portfolio Management

We provide comprehensive portfolio review services to our clients.

These include one-off or regular assessment of the weightage of property as asset class within the investment portfolio as well as markets, size and type of property specially taking into account the rental potential and re-sale potential. We also undertake specific reviews at the request of clients, provide benchmarks, market valuations and discuss optimal hold period.

As and when the client decides to sell the property, we provide various options such as off-market placement, exclusive agency, advising on the marketing strategy, monitoring the viewings and arranging a successful sale through a one stop window. Very much like the purchase process, we manage the re-sale process for our clients for both properties bought through us or from elsewhere.

At a Glance
Our clients appreciate:
  • that we listen to them
  • value in diversification
  • an opportunity to assess risk
  • understanding the drivers of return
  • making informed decisions
Our research incorporates:
  • global macro trends
  • provides relative yield across various asset classes – financial and non-financial
  • is tailored to client’s investment horizon
  • shares cash flow models calculating gross and net yields
  • spells out hidden costs
  • benchmarks asset classes across risk spectrum
We provide:
  • due diligence options
  • structuring and financing support
  • full service lettings solution
  • high quality maintenance services
  • comprehensive information reporting
  • referrals for related services
  • comprehensive portfolio management