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Vineyard Acquisition and Management Services
With an in-house Mergers and Acquisition and wine expertise and on ground presence in France, Virtuoso is uniquely placed to provide an end to end service to clients looking to acquire vineyards. 

Investment in vineyard requires comprehensive due diligence varying from assessment of terroir, quality and density of vines, state of winery, production analysis, business assets valuation and plan; to structural, legal and regulatory compliance.   

Vineyards are valued differently than other businesses.Given their specialized agricultural nature, it is difficult to extrapolate a steady revenue and profit growth for vineyards.Valuation is typically more skewed towards assets. 

Setting up the structural framework for acquisition is crucial to maximise the return from the investment. How to capitalise the acquiring entity and set up the operating company are crucial matters.  

For Bordeaux Chateaux, some time the investors retain the management team, to capitalise on the knowledge of terroir and complexity of wine. However in turn around situations or major development projects investors might opt to change the management. VPG provides an all inclusive platform to set up the management team, manage the vineyard, market and sell wines, run the administration, and ensure compliance with local regulation. We put together a competent management team with a track record to manage the business. This includes viticulturists, oenologist, estate managers and production team. This ensures that the investment is professionally managed, especially when the owners are not based in the country where target is located.

We cater to both an investor acquiring a vineyard as well as syndicate structures where multiple investors invest in a single vineyard. 

In addition to the management services related to the vineyards, Virtuoso also provide advisory services for marketing and sales of wines and overall business development support.